Summer Judging Information - 2018 Information

Clothing and Sewing Projects as well as Food & Nutrition Projects have county fair awards selected at Summer Judging in July. These judging events are also used to select the participants to represent our county for Ohio State Fair 4-H competitions in these project areas. For clothing and nutrition projects, the summer judging events ARE the judging for Delaware County Fair awards. The summer judging events are also when state fair participants will be selected. Make-up judging is offered for those that cannot make summer judging. It is on September 8 and projects are judged for grade and premium only. Still exhibit projects also have the opportunity to participate in the Ohio State Fair.

You will need to sign up for a specific judging time through your 4HOnline account. Instructions are at

Clothing Summer Judging - Thursday, July 19

Clothing Judging is Thursday, July 19 at the Log Cabin on the Delaware County Fairgrounds. Those that cannot attended this judging can have their projects judged the Saturday prior to fair, however they will not be eligible for placing or construction awards. You will sign up for a specific time for your judging through 4HOnline. Sign up is open July 1st to July 17th. Time slots start every 10 minutes from 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM.  Plan on about 1 hour for judging. 

Clothing Judging Information and Schedule

Clothing Judging Score Sheet

Construction Award Score Sheet

Clothing & Textile Delaware Co. Fair Rules

Still Exhibit Summer Judging - Thursday, July 19

Many non-livestock projects have the opportunity to participate in the Ohio State Fair. Projects eligible include Aerospace, Arts, ATV, Archery, Beekeeping, Bicycle, Cake Decorating, Child Development, Citizenship/International, Electricity, Family History,  Fishing, Forestry, Gun Safety, Health, Home Decorating & Design, Insects, Leadership, Money Management, Natural Resources, Photography, Radio Controlled Vehicles, Rope, Self-Determined, Shooting Sports, Small Engines, Veterinary Science, Welding, and Woodworking.  (The 2018 Family Guide indicates a rosette by specific projects that are eligible for the Ohio State Fair.)  We can send only a small number of exhibitors in these projects. Selection of state fair delegates is Thursday, July 19 in the Log Cabin on the Delaware County Fairgrounds. Those interested in trying for state fair should have the completed project and book. State Fair rules are at Sometimes the exhibit requirements for State Fair are very specific and do not follow our county fair requirements, so it is very important to review the rules on the above website.

You will sign up for a specific time for your judging through 4HOnline.  Sign up is open July 1st to July 17th.  Time slots start every 10 minutes for judging. 

Summer Still Project Judging Information and Schedule

Still Exhibit Awards Night and Style Revue - 7 PM, Thursday, July 19

State fair paperwork and awards will be presented during Style Revue. Style Revue will begin at 7 PM, Thursday, July 19th in the Log Cabin at the fairgrounds. Those participating in the Style Revue will need to be in their garments and ready to line up by 6:45 PM. At the conclusion of the style revue, state fair delegates for related home economics and still exhibit will be announced.

Food Fair - Friday, July 20

Food Fair is Friday, July 20, 2018 at the Log Cabin on the Delaware County Fairgrounds. The Project Presentation is required for all food and nutrition project judgings, including make-up judging, as it will be used for their Delaware County Fair exhibit.

You will sign up for a specific time for your judging through 4HOnline.  Sign up is open July 1st to July 17th.  Time slots start every 10 minutes from 12:30 PM to 3:40 PM.  Plan on about 1 hour for judging.  Please see Food Fair Judging Information below with details.

Those who cannot attend judging can have their projects judged Saturday, September 8th. The make-up judging WILL qualify an exhibitor for the Baked Goods Auction competition if they receive an “A” for their project. Refer to the Delaware County Handbook for details on the fair rules.  

Food Fair Judging Information and Schedule

Food Judging Score Sheet

Food Summer Judging Suggestions

Food & Nutrition Delaware Co. Fair Rules

Food & Nutrition Project Help

What to Bring to Judging on September 8th

Food Fair Awards Night - Monday, July 23

Food awards and state fair paperwork will be presented at an awards program at 7 PM, Monday, July 23rd at the Extension Office.


2017 Summer Judging Results

Nutrition Winners

Let’s Start Cooking - 1st and State Fair, Jr. Brandon Elliott Hughes; 2nd Alexis Thornhill; 3rd Briannon Pfeiffer

Snack Attack! - 1st and State Fair, Jr. Abigail Lust; 2nd Cade Brown; 3rd Kayden D'Eredita                                     

Fast Break For Breakfast - 1st and State Fair Jr. Whitney McGlothlin; 2nd Zoe Johnson

Sports Nutrition 1 - 1st and State Fair Jr. Madison Lowe; 2nd Maren Lawrence; 3rd Morgan Lowe    

Star Spangled Foods - 1st and State Fair Jr. Sophia Lammi; 2nd Gabe Fogle

Let’s Bake Quick Breads - 1st and State Fair Jr. Lucille Altieri; 2nd and State Fair Sr. Nick D'Eredita                 

Race the Clock to Awesome Meals - 1st and State Fair Jr. Allison Riley; 2nd and State Fair Sr. Tolan Cook; 3rd Shannon Barr     

Party Planner - 1st and State Fair Sr. Lindsey Stein                                                                     

Grill Master - 1st and State Fair Jr. Michael Riley; 2nd Maren Lawrence                                             

 Yeast Breads on the Rise - 1st and State Fair Mallory Pierce; 2nd Erin Barr        

You’re The Chef - 1st and State Fair Elizabeth Mugge; 2nd Ellen Riley                                          

The Global Gourmet - 1st and State Fair Dean Janowiecki; 2nd Anneke Brown; 3rd Shaelyn Bendele       

Best Beginner Foods Project  - Abigail Lust, Critter Run

Best Intermediate Foods Project - Allison Riley, Homegrown 4-Him

Best Advanced Foods Project - Elizabeth Mugge, Set 4 Success


Still Exhibit Projects State Fair Delegates

Cake Decorating Beginner Junior - Emma Johnson

Cake Decorating Intermediate Sr. - Madeline Earl

Cake Decorating Advanced Sr. - Maddison Barker

First Aid in Action- Jr. - Brandon Elliott Hughes

Make Over My Space - Sarah Mugge

Growing on My Own - Kayla Elliott Hughes

The Laundry Project Sr. - Kaylee Yarnell

Science Fun with Flight - Bennett Lammi

Measuring Up Jr. Unit 1 - Lane Elliott Hughes

Magic of Electricity 1st - Lane Elliott Hughes

From Airedales to Zebras (Vet Science 1) - Lanes Elliot Hughes

All Systems Go! (Vet Science 2) - Kendall Sestili

Shooting Sports-Pistol Sr. - Olivia Langwasser

Basic Archery - Gwen House

Robotics 1 with EV3 - Eli Graham

Solid Fuel Rocketry Master - Eli Graham

Trapping Muskrats in Ohio - Maren Lawrence

Ohio Birds - Cade Brown

Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry - Regina Bodette

Entering electronics - Todd Herron

Get Started in Art Jr. - Bridgette Robek

Get Started in Art Sr. - Avery Hartranft

Self- determined Jr. - Benjamin Wachtman

Self-determined Sr. - Alexander Wachtman

Self-determined Natural Resources - Campbell Williams

Cavies (ages 8-12)- Isabelle McCalla

Club Leadership2 - Lauren VanGundy


Clothing Winners


Look Great for Less

  • 1st and OSF - Luke Kleilein

You Can Quilt

  • 1st and OSF - Lauren Bell

Sew Fun

  • 1st and OSF - Addison Graham
  • 2nd - Ava Gale
  • 3rd - Isabelle Cook
  • HM - Josie Altieri

    Sundresses and Jumpers

    • 1st and OSF - Elise Hook
    • 2nd - Brooklyn Pfeiffer

    Clothes For Middle School

    • 1st and OSF - Shannon Barr

    Sewing For Others

    • 1st and OSF - Will Hook

    Active Sportswear

    • 1st and OSF - Elizabeth Ursich
    • 2nd - Gretchen Stoner


    • 1st and OSF - Kiley Graham
    • 2nd - Sophia Lammi
    • 3rd - Piper Davis

    Clothing for High School & College

    • 1st and OSF - Sarah Mugge

    Clothing for Your Career

    • 1st and OSF - Ashleigh Robek

    Outerwear for Anywhere

    • 1st and OSF - Ashleigh Robek

    Dress Up Outfit – Daywear

    • 1st and OSF - Tolan Cook

    Dress Up Outfit - Formal

    • 1st and OSF - Emily Bryan

    Special Awards

    • Best Beginner Clothing Award – Elise Hook
    • Best Intermediate Clothing Award – Will Hook
    • Advanced Clothing Award – Emily Bryan
    • Best Textile and Consumer Project - Luke Kleilein
    • Beginner Construction Award – Elise Hook
    • Intermediate Construction Award – Elizabeth Ursich
    • Advanced Construction Award – Tolan Cook
    • Jr. Master Clothing Educator Nominee – Elizabeth Ursich
    • Sr. Master Clothing Educator Nominee – Will Hook
    • Roby Clothing Nominee – Sarah Mugge
    • Fashion Board Nominee  - Emily Bryan
    • Fashion Revue Award Nominee – Emily Bryan