2020 Quality Assurance Opportunities

- Updated 7-7-20

Given the 2020 COVID-19 situation, Quality Assurance opportunities have dramatically changed. OSU Extension and therefore Ohio 4-H has suspended all in person events through July 6th. Below is listed the different QA completion options (subject to change) and a Q&A section. Feel free to email Jacci with any QA questions. Smith.11005@osu.edu

Delaware County 4-H will not be hosting anymore QA session for this year. If you still need to complete Quality Assurance your only options are listed below. The QA deadline for Delaware County Fair is September 18. 


Option 1-We are taking appointments for individual youth to test out in person on Mondays and Tuesdays through September 9. The youth must be 4-H age 12 or older and have attended an in person quality assurance session before. Email Jacci at smith.11005@osu.edu to schedule.

Option 2- Online Quality Assurance modules through YQCA. Work at your own time

  1. You have the option to complete your Quality Assurance requirement online. Please follow the instructions below and sign in using your 4HOnline account. The cost is $12 per youth. For this option to count as your Quality Assurance in Delaware County you MUST email your certification number to Jacci at smith.11005@osu.edu once you have completed the course. 
  2. Instructions for completing QA online 

Option 3- Attend a QA session form another county. be sure to tell the instructor that you are in Delaware County 4-H. 

Question and answers:

  • Who must complete Quality Assurance? 
    • All 4-H and FFA members taking Market Beef, Market Swine, Market Lambs, Market Rabbits, Market Poultry, Goats (including Pygmy and Pack goats) and Dairy Cattle MUST attend a Quality Assurance program in order to exhibit at the Delaware County or Ohio State Fair.  Please see Hartford Independent for their listing of QA requirements. Completing the quality assurance requirement each year is mandatory by state law for junior exhibitors.
  • What if I went to the Carcass show after the fair last year?
    • QA training was offered to all who attended the carcass contest last year. QA training is good for one year, which includes this year’s Delaware County Fair and the Hartford Fair.
  • When is the deadline to have Quality Assurance completed?
    • This means that you must complete QA before the first day of your fair. The Ohio Department of Agriculture has waived the 45 day pre fair rule for the 2020 season.
  • What if I am unable to attend any of the in person or Zoom sessions?
    • The Online YQCA option would be an available opportunity to members of any age. The test out option could be used for members 4-H age 12 and higher that have done a QA session in the past. If none of these options work, please contact Jacci at smith.11005@osu.edu to ask for additional Quality Assurance session dates.
  • Hartford Independent Fair now has a July 1 QA deadline; does this mean I cannot go to the in person sessions that are after July 6th?
    • As of right now, Hartford Fair Exhibitors would need to complete a virtual form of Quality Assurance. Please know this is subject to change if their Sr. Fair Board updates their policy.
  • What if I want to do a Zoom QA session but my internet is not great?
    • You will have the option to call in to participate. If you use this option you must email Jacci at smith.11005@osu.edu to receive a copy of the PowerPoint to follow along with.
  • The Zoom QA date that I wanted isn’t listed on the registration form?
    • Each session is limited to the first 40 zoom registrants. The registration form will eliminate the option once the session becomes full.  More dates may be added if there is need.  
  • Can I test out in person after July 6?
    • Yes, this year we will be waiving the July 1st test out deadline. Once we are able to meet again, email Jacci at smith.11005@osu.edu your interest in testing out. This will be offered through September 9, 2020.  
  • What if we don’t have a fair? Why should I worry about Quality Assurance?
    • Quality Assurance is a great educational opportunity for anyone raising livestock. We are very hopeful that our late Delaware County Fair will be happening as planned and Quality Assurance will be required as usual; with that said please realize that the Delaware County Jr. Fair committees and the sale committee are dedicated to offer youth experiences if needed that will still require Quality Assurance.
  • Does the July 6th no in person events affect sheep and goat tagging on June 6?


2020 Quality Assurance COVID-19 Flyer- updated 4-13-20