2022 Quality Assurance Opportunities- Updated 1.18.22

(Please contact the county before attending any Quality Assurance Session that is not your own county for possible changes.)


Animal Facility Audit 

Emergency Action Plan

YQCA Information 


Quality Assurance


May 17

Virtual Via Zoom


May 21

Virtual Via Zoom


May 25

Ag. Center (new Junior Fair Building) 


June 4

Delaware County Fairgrounds, Pig & Lamb Barn


June 9

Ag. Center (new Junior Fair Building) 

*The QA clinic on June 4 and June 9 is after the deadline for the Hartford fair and will not meet the requirement for exhibitors.

*All Livestock will be required to attend a QA session in order to show at Delaware County Fair.



Quality Assurance Test

Email or call to schedule a convenient time for you!  No tests will be administered after July 1st.  The Quality Assurance test is offered for youth 4-H ages 12 years and older who have previously completed Quality Assurance programming.  Participants must pass by at least 70%.  Participants can receive QA credit for multiple years, depending on their age.  The test may be taken once each year, and participants who do not pass will be required to complete a Quality Assurance program to receive QA credit.  


YQCA Online- Online Quality Assurance modules through YQCA. Work at your pace and on your own time

You have the option to complete your Quality Assurance requirement online. Please follow the instructions below. For this option to count as your Quality Assurance in Delaware County you MUST email your certification number to Jacci at smith.11005@osu.edu once you have completed the course. 

Instructions for completing QA online 

Nearby Quality Assurance Training Dates:

  • Most dates are early March through the end of May




Delaware County, 740-833-2030

Knox County, 740-397-0401

Licking County, 740-670-5315

Marion County, 740-223-4040

Union County, 937-644-8117


Quality Assurance 2022 - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who must attend Quality Assurance?  All 4-H and FFA members taking Market Beef, Market Swine, Market Lambs, Breeding sheep, Market and Breeding Rabbits, All Poultry, Goats (including Pygmy and Pack goats) and Dairy Cattle MUST attend a Quality Assurance program in order to exhibit at the Delaware County or Ohio State Fair.  Completing the quality assurance requirement each year is mandatory by state law for junior exhibitors. The underlined categories are new for 2021.


  • When is the Quality Assurance attendance deadline? Ohio Department of Agriculture requires exhibitors to have participated or tested out of a Quality Assurance program within 45 day prior to the opening day of the exhibition. For Ohio State Fair this deadline is JUNE 13. For the Delaware County Fair this deadline is AUGUST 4.


  • Does it matter which Quality Assurance I attend?  There are 5 QA programs offered in Delaware County this year. Credit will be given for QA attendance regardless of which program you attend.


  • What if I arrive at a Quality Assurance program late?  It is important for each 4-H or FFA member to receive all the training in order to meet Ohio Department of Agriculture requirements.  Anyone arriving more than 10 minutes late will not receive credit for attending the QA session.  For the virtual sessions, we will have a moderator letting individuals in from a waiting room. Attendance will be taken via the chat feature at the beginning and the end of the session. If you experience technical difficulties during the session email Jacci at smith.11005@osu.edu.


  • What happens if I am unable to attend any of the Delaware County Quality Assurance programs?  If you have a conflict with each of the listed Quality Assurance options on the reverse of this sheet, you may contact the Extension office to learn phone numbers or dates for QA programs in other counties.  If you know you will have conflicts with the Delaware County dates, call as soon as possible because many counties have earlier QA dates. Also, an asynchronous online session can be taken. YQCA online version is the only type of online QA accepted in the state of Ohio. Information on how to complete this can be found on our website- https://delaware.osu.edu/program-areas/4-h-youth-development/quality-assurance


  • What about the Hartford Fair?   Exhibitors at the Hartford fair taking any market or breeding projects must attend a Quality Assurance program before June 1.  Call the Licking Co. Extension office with questions.  The QA sessions on June 4 and June 9 are after the deadline for the Hartford fair and will not meet the requirement for exhibitors.


  • Can I Test Out of Quality Assurance?  Yes!  Delaware County offers opportunities for youth to test out of their Quality Assurance.  Youth ages 12 and above who have completed a Quality Assurance program in previous years may take a Quality Assurance test to see how well they know the material.  Youth passing the test may potentially fulfill their QA requirement for multiple years, depending on their age.  Email smith.11005@osu.edu or call the Extension office to schedule a time to take the test or if you have additional questions (740-833-2039).  Tests will NOT be scheduled after July 1st!