March is the time of year 4-H clubs enroll new members and past members re-enroll. Youth can join at any time of the year, but must to join by April 15th to be eligible for fair.

Finding a 4-H Club

Become Familiar with 4-H Project Areas

If you are not familiar with 4-H, it is helpful to first check out the Family Guide or the Project Central website. Hard copies of the Family Guide are available at the Delaware County Extension Office. Check out the types of projects available in 4-H and choose a few that might interest you.

2023 Family Guide website

Project Central website

Finding a Club

Club List by General Location within the County

Once you know the types of projects you are interested in taking, you will be able to look for a 4-H club in your area that offers help in the projects your child is interested in taking. Check out the Club List linked above to help you find a club or scroll to the end of this webpage for a listing sorted by location. Not all clubs are able to offer help in every project we have available, so many clubs specialize in certain projects. Narrow your list to a couple clubs and contact the club's organizational advisor. Finding a club that fits your needs is essential to having a postitive 4-H experience.

Here are some questions you may want to ask the organizational advisor:

  • Where do you meet?
  • Do you have a scheduled meeting date? If so, what day and time?
  • Do you have an advisor to help in my child's project area or will I (the parent) need to be the primary source for helping?
  • What is the age range of your club? Do you have other children that are the age of my child?

Once you have called a couple clubs and decided on which one best meets your needs, call the organizational advisor to find out when they will have their next meeting. Out of courtesy, please call the other clubs that you had contacted to let them know your final decision. It will help them with planning for the year and knowing how many other new members they can add.

4-H Club Name Advisor Name Phone  Advisor Email Location Projects Cloverbuds Accepting New members
4-Hawks  Deb Bergmann 614-595-1331 Westerville All X Y
Ashley City Ranchers Betty Lowther 740-272-3541  Ashley Livestock Only  C Y
Ashley County Liners Laura Leach 740-815-3468 Ashley All C Y
Ashley Jr. Farmers Ann Rammelsberg 740-803-2184 Ashley All C Y
Barnyard Busters Suzette Hall 740-272-0525 Radnor No dogs/horses C Y
Barrels Rails and Such Dawn Cooke 740-272-2127 County Wide All X Y
Believe 2 Achieve Cheryl Murrin 614-749-0297 Sunbury No Horses X Y
Bellpoint Friendly 4-Hers Karen Miller 740-972-5348 Ostrander All C Y
Berlin 4-Hers Rhea Perry 614-746-6684 Lewis Center No horses C Y
Bitz'N'Pieces Nancy Hayes-Plazolles 740-815-8326  County Wide All C Y
Brown Bakers and Rakers Kim Pfeiffer 614-582-9674 Ashley No dogs/horses C Y
Chillin with Alpacas Becky Thompson 614-562-9611 Delaware City All X No
Cinch N Saddle Naomi Derwent 740-971-8409 Ashley Horse only  C No
Clover Chaos * Heather Besselman 614-314-1550 County Wide All C Y
Critter Run Julie Lucas 740-965-2486 Galena No horses C No
Delaware Town & Country Tracey Merrin 740-816-2546 Delaware City No horses C Y
Eagle Country  Emmy Kline 614-309-9390 Sunbury All X No
Eagles Flight  Angela Willyerd  614-202-9301 Sunbury No Horses C Y
Flour-N-Flax Karen Bryan 740-548-2471 Lewis Center Only Still Exhibits  X No
Going 4 Gold Julie Riley 740-881-4280 Delaware City No large animals C No
Halters & Collars Rebecca Lay 419-310-8469 Delaware City Horses and Dogs X No
Hams and Udders Shirley Whitaker 740-513-6238 Radnor No dogs/horses C Y
Helping Hands Suzan Lee-Lucas 614-204-0819 Ostrander All C Y
Homegrown 4-Him * Mia Leone 614-203-2370 Delaware City No large animals X Y
Hoof Hens & Heart  Lauren Lucas 614-395-5119 Sunbury Horse only  X Y
Just Lopin' Around Michelle Kane 614-725-6514 County Wide Horse only  C Y
Keepin' it Country Lisa Brenner 740-972-9636 County Wide No Horses C Y
Kountry Kids Jennie Beekman 740-625-9315 Sunbury No horses C Y
Liberty 4-H Club  Ken LaFontaine 419-674-3638 Powell All C Y
Loco Caballo Savannah Allerding 614-446-2723 Ashley Horse only  X No
Nature's Friends Danielle Huffman 740-212-3106 Radnor No horses C Y
Powell Sew & Sows Bonnie Goodson 740-815-9133 Powell No horses C Y
Rabbits - N - Smores Emily Ashton  740-251-7052 Delaware City All X No
Rabbits and Roosters Pam Rice 614-284-0715 Kilbourne No Horses C Y
Radnor Ranchers Justin Mack 740-815-8556 Radnor No horses C Y
Rising Stars Lesley Maxey 614-917-9259 Delaware City No Large Animals C Y
Scioto Dog Club Holly Levings  740-816-8346 Delaware City No horses C Y
Set 4 Success Amanda Wenner 614-306-0982 Galena No horses C Y
Shadow Riders Stephanie Taylor 740-815-6833 Ostrander All X Y
Sunbury Halter and Saddle  Kathy St. Jean 740-965-1379  Sunbury horse/dog/sm animals C Y
The Mane Attraction Debbie Manring 614-783-3666 County Wide Horse only  C Y
Tiny Tails on the Rails Shelly Privett 740-417-2744 Ashley All C Y
Unbridled N Wild Kendall Friend 614-312-7662 County  Wide Lg animals/Horses C Y
Wild Riders Marty Hobbs 740-272-3752 Delaware City All  C Y
Won by One 4-H Club Elizabeth Hildebrand 740-815-5978 Sunbury No horses X Y
* Meetings are during the school day            

Enrolling in the Club You've Choosen

YOU MUST KNOW WHAT CLUB YOU ARE JOINING PRIOR TO ENROLLING. The club you join will provide you with the online enrollment information necessary to join 4-H. They will help you know what project books you will need to purchase and get you started.

If you need more help or have questions, please call us at 740-833-2030.