2023 Horse ID Exhibitors Packet -  Click here for the information on showing your horse at the Ohio State Fair and the Delaware County Fair. This link is the full packet. Below you can download individual the items.

Horse Letter

EquiSTEP Course Link 

Horse Identification - This year we have a new process for the mandatory identification. ID submission is due June 7th at for exhibiting at the Ohio State Fair. It is due by July 7th for exhibiting at the Delaware County Fair.

PAS Registration Form and Ohio State Junior Horse Show Schedule - Be sure to include the show class number from the Ohio State Fair Junior Horse Show on your PAS entry form and NOT the PAS show number. 

May 13 Clinic Flyer  

Fair Forms

Parade of Color Form - Updated form

Exhibitor Spotlight Form - for last year exhibitors to be highlighted in the Parade of Colors

Grading Line Score Card

What to Pack for Fair - First time exhibiting a horse at the fair? The Horse Committee has a packing list to help you!

2023 Horse Stall Assignments