Writing a thank you to a buyer or trophy donor? This factsheet provides some tips to help you.

Thank You Tips

Please see individual links below for Fair Results

2021 Delaware County Junior Fair Results Link  - https://fairentry.com/Fair/Results/15984

2021 Sale Buyers (listed by exhibitor)

2021 Online Add-on Donors- Emails were sent directly to Exhibitors

2021 Trophy Donors 


2020 Delaware County Jr. Fair

2020 Add-On Buyers list (listed by exhibitor)

2020 Trophy Donors


2019 Delaware County Jr. Fair:

2019 Sale Buyers (listed by Exhibitor)

2019 Carcass Contest Results


2018 Delaware County Jr. Fair:

2018 Sale Buyers (listed by Exhibitors Name)

2018 Carcass Contest Results


2017 Delaware County Jr. Fair:

2017 Sale Buyers (listed by Exhibitors Name)

2017 Carcass Contest Results


2016 Delaware County Jr. Fair:

2016 Sale Buyers (listed by exhibitors name)

2016 Carcass Show Results