Join us at the Delaware County Fair September 15-22, 2018!

Exhibiting your 4-H projects at the County Fair?  Click on the following links to access the information you'll need.

Market Beef/ Feeder Calf Dairy Cattle Horses Dogs
Poultry Goats Market hogs Market Lambs
Rabbits Alpacas and Llamas Clothing and Textiles Foods and Nutrition


Delaware County Fair Information

2018 entries will be done online and the link and an instruction sheet is below. Entries will open August 1st and close August 24th.

The Delaware County Fair's website is The Exhibitor's Handbook is at The entire handbook (Open and Junior) is in one pdf under the Open Class.

Junior Fair Calendar

2018 Mandatory Check-in times

Animal Pen Use Agreement Form

2018 Junior Fair Calendar (it is also in the Exhibitors Handbook on pages 58 and 59)

Delaware County 4-H Livestock Calendar

2018 Livestock Calendar- Important date for Beef, Dairy Cattle, Goats, Lambs, Pigs, Poultry, Rabbits, and Horses

Animal Requirement Summary

This pdf is a summary chart of the various livestock and animal requirements for exhibiting at the Delaware County Fair.

2018 Livestock and Animal Requirements Summary

Livestock and Animal Interview Judging

This judging takes place from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM on Saturday, September 8th at the Delaware County Fairgrounds.  Project interviews are required for showing beef, sheep, swine, goats, dairy, rabbits, poultry, alpacas, llamas and dogs at the Delaware County Fair.  For details, see the links below. 

Schedule and Frequently Asked Questions

Interview Tip Sheet with Sample Questions

Junior Fair Sale 

2018 Sale committee notifications

We have several items available to help you promote our Junior Fair Sales.  Stop by our office to pick up full-color promotional brochures for distribution to potential buyers.  Other items developed to help you promote the fair sales include:

Tips For Promoting Our Junior Fair Sales - a list of tips helpful for youth exhibitors trying to recruit bidders and buyers for the sales

Buyer Recognition - a list of ways that Delaware County Junior Fair Sale buyers are recognized following the sale

Buyers Club Brochure

Market Beef / Feeder Calves 

Beef Resources: Market Beef, Dairy Steers, Beef Feeders, Dairy Feeders

2018 Market Beef Info

2018 Feeder Calf Exhibitor Packet

Dairy Cattle

        2018 Dairy Cattle Letter


2018 Horse Exhibitors Letter - Click here for the information on showing your horse at the Ohio State Fair and the Delaware County Fair.

PAS Registration Form and Show Schedule

Horse ID Card - Click here for the form that must accompany your picture to ID your Horse.  The ID Card is due to the Extension office by 4:30 PM, June 7th or postmarked by June 7th for exhibiting at the Ohio State Fair. It is due by July 7th for exhibiting at the Delaware County Fair. To submit photos electronically, go to

Horse Safety

Parade of Color Form

Grading Line Score Card

What to Pack for Fair - First time exhibiting a horse at the fair? The Horse Committee has a packing list to help you!

2018 Horse Stall Assignments


Dog Exhibitors Letter

Dog ID and Vaccination Form (for Delaware County Fair, vaccinations must be current through September 24, 2016)

Dog Calendar

Dog Agility Form

Dog Permission to Participate Form


Market Poultry Resources: Market Chickens, Market Turkeys 

2018 Turkey Poult Order Form - This form is due Monday, April 30, 2018. Payment is due with the order form. Pick up date is May 30.

2018 Market Turkey Exhibitor Packet

Broiler (Market) Chick Order Form - This form is due Monday, June 25, 2018. Payment is due with the order form. Pick up date is July 25, 2017.

2018 Market Chicken Exhibitor Packet

2018 Non-Market Poultry information 

2018 Poultry Exhibitor Letter


Market Goat Resources: Market Meat goats, Market Dairy Wethers

2018 Market Goat Exhibitor Packet

2018 Dairy Wether Certificate

2018 Non-Market Goat information 

Market Hogs

Market Hog Resource: Market Hog

2018 Market Hog Exhibitor Packet

Market Lambs

Market Lamb Resource: Market Lamb

2018 Market Lamb Exhibitor Packet 

Scrapie Guidelines - Click here for information about the USDA mandatory Scrapies Identification program.


Information from Rabbit Committee

          Market Rabbit Resource: Market Fryers, Market Roasters

          Delaware County OH 4-H Rabbits - Facebook page

        2018 spring Rabbit Exhibitor Newsletter

          2017 Fair Rabbit Newsletter


May Letter from Extension office

2018 Market Rabbit Exhibitor Packet

2018 Non-Market Rabbit information 

Alpacas and Llamas

Alpaca and Llama Letter and ID Card

Clothing and Textiles

         Clothing and Textile Summer Judging

Foods and Nutrition          

         Mystery Recipe for Jr. Baked Goods 

Summer Judging Suggestions